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The Most Frustrating Things About Casual Dating

A lot many people are opting for casual dating over long term serious dating. This is because of the hectic lifestyle of the 21st century which has made life so fast and difficult that there needs to be some outlet to refresh yourself. A lot many people can’t bear the burden and responsibility of a long term relationship. Casual dating or Friends with Benefits Dating is the new trend and the lifestyle of the upcoming generation. And there are many FWB Sites online can help you to find a one night stand. However, there are a lot many things about this new way of life which can be frustrating for many individuals.

Too much attachment is not the rule

No matter how strong a person and his temperament, there is a chance one might get emotionally involved. This can be your or your partner. It is human nature to get attached to people around you, especially those with whom you meet daily and you get intimate. Sometimes it is not in ones control to suppress feelings and then things might awkward. Too much attachment leads to a higher level of expectation and a higher level expectation in a casual dating scenario can be heartbreaking and disappointing. There is a risk you might end up hurting yourself or what can be more frustrating is that your partner becomes too infatuated with you and clings on to you. You may develop a guilty conscience upon rejecting their wishes which is often quite frustrating for both the parties.

Low Self Esteem

It is fun to have someone around you when you know you are not responsible for them but imagine one day you sit back home in your room alone thinking about yourself, you realize you don’t really have someone serious to fall back upon. Such a situation can be frustrating too. If you are not mentally strong you might end up having problems with your self-esteem. This is not a good scenario to be in.

Your spouse might catch you

If you are already married and having a casual affair on hookup sites like NSA Hookup, there is a big chance your spouse might catch you and things can become frustrating. It is not a good idea to have a casual affair if you are married unless, you have a fool proof arrangement to keep trouble at bay. Imagine the screams and drama your spouse might create when they find out that you are seeking pleasure elsewhere. Though it is very exciting and adventurous but once you are caught you might have to split up with your casual date and your whole plan will be ruined.


After the end of a casual date you might find yourself in regret. You might end up asking yourself, was she really worth that expensive wine? Why did I spend so much on him? You may also think you have wasted time on the other person. After all, time is the most valuable thing in our lives. The biggest regret comes with time.


Last but not the least. This is the most frustrating thing about No Strings Attached dating. Imagine your family and friends find out about your casual date and they start labelling you as a player or a hoe. This can be a big stigma on your reputation. If you are having a casual affair with a co-worker, you two will be the discussion at gatherings and amongst your fellow colleagues. Maintain high level of secrecy upon having a casual affair unless you don’t mind putting your reputation at stake.


This is a scenario which everyone tries to avoid. Imagine you are driving and you get a phone call saying you are going to be a daddy. Such a scenario is very frustrating. You don’t want to have a baby if its casual.

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